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CORFU INSURANCE BROKERS PC is one of the most reliable Exclusive Insurance Agencies in Corfu. By directly collaborating with the largest insurance companies in the Greek Market, Corfu Insurance aims at searching and identifying the best possible solutions to meet the needs of each customer.


House and Home Insurance Plans

Our home (main, secondary or holiday) may be our most valuable asset, earned after many years of effort, directly connected to our everyday lives and family. It’s our second most important need, after food, according to the Hierarchy of human needs.

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Health Insurance Plans

Health insurance is and should be everyone’s priority. Our need for high-quality health services and quicker access to them has led to the ascent of Private Health Sector.

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Cooperating Companies

Cars parking in a row

Car/Vehicle Insurance Plans

Our car is being exposed to multiple dangers on a daily basis. That’s why it needs, more than anything, to be insured. No matter how skillful a driver one may be, there is no guarantee that he won’t be dealing with unexpected occurrences.

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Third Party Liability Insurance

What does Liability mean?
Liability is any unlawful act or negligence at the expense of a third party. As stated in Article 914 of the Greek Civil Code, whoever causes harm to another person contrary to the law and with fault, is liable to compensate him.

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