Health Insurance Plans

Get the best Health Care plans for you and your family.

Health insurance is and should be everyone’s priority. Our need for high-quality health services and quicker access to them has led to the ascent of Private Health Sector.

A hospital care plan shall ensure the funds for covering all the potential expenses possibly needed at such a difficult time as that of hospitalization.

CORFU INSURANCE BROKERS PC team is here to help you choose the hospital care plan that best fits your personal needs and economic capacity among the most prestigious insurance companies.

When asked what a hospital care plan is, the answer would be the following: A hospital care plan is a blank cheque drawn by the Insurance Company which you can cash in case of medical emergency in Greece or abroad.

Securing yours and your family’s health is of utmost importance. Private insurance offers health services of high quality, and better cost management. At Corfu Insurance Brokers PC, you’ll find both full and individual coverage of private health insurance, so that you and your family have the appropriate support and protection at difficult times.