House and Home Insurance Plans

There is no place like home… Insure your home today!

Your home (main, secondary or holiday home) may be your most valuable asset, earned after many years of effort, directly connected to your everyday lives and family. It’s the second most important need, after food in the Hierarchy of Human Needs.

Financial and emotional ties to one’s property, intensifies the need to feel protected from perils such as fire, burglary, acts of terrorism , natural disasters, earthquakes, pipeline leaks, third party liability etc.

Υοur commercial property, whether it’s used for business accommodation or income generation, should also be protected, as its partial or total destruction could cause unpleasant surprises. We’ve all been witness to small or greater destructions and fortunes lost overnight.

Signing an insurance contract for your property’s protection, ensures coverage in the case of unexpected loss events, the cost of which could lead to financial disaster and personal deadlock.

CORFU INSURANCE BROKERS PC, collaborating with the largest insurance companies operating in our country, could help you pick the best possible plan to meet with your expectations by either suggesting or creating your own insurance package through choice of individual coverage.

There are also specific programmes for mortgage lendings, meaning borrowed , pre-ticked properties, legitimate under the conditions established by the Bank of Greece.

Let us also bear in mind the responsibility towards others. In other words, you are legally responsible for every damage caused to a third party within your premises.

When dealing with an experienced burglar, every safety measure is probably futile. With its integrated insurance plans, Corfu Insurance Brokers PC, provides full coverage and protection of your property from natural or other hazards. It is up to you to choose the one that best fits your needs, preferences and budget.

Home Protection Plans provided by Corfu Insurance Brokers PC also offer special coverage packages whether you own or rent your main or holiday home in Greece.